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Welcome to My Blog: Sharad Saxena

Welcome to Sharad Saxena Blog, IT Outsourcing Services Provider Iwebresources & Iwebconnects

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Sharad Saxena, this side from Delhi (India). Over 6 years experience working with small, medium & large corporations worldwide including US, UK, Canada & Australia. Currently owns an IT Outsourcing company by the name of:

Interactive Web Resources is an outsourcing company focused on serving the needs of Small Medium & Large size Businesses in the U.K, Australia, U.S, Europe, Canada & English speaking countries.Interactive Web Resources as your outsourcing partner help’s you to increase your profits, reduce business risk and create breakout value with new services and revenue streams. Read More

Interactive Web Connects is the fastest growing Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) service provider in India. We help you in real sense to make more money by reducing your costs. We deliver cost effective and reliable systems. There is no doubt that IT outsourcing is a most effective way to stretch your budget. Interactive Web Connects is the total solution for all your administrative and IT outsourcing needs.Read More

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KPO or Knowledge Process Outsourcing is the New Buzzword.

KPO promises to be the next big thing in the outsourcing sector. It's an estimate according to a report by (Global Sourcing) KPO or Knowledge Process Outsourcing business is supposed to touch $17 billion by 2010 of which at least 70 per cent or $12 billion is to be outsourced to India. More then 300,000 new jobs are required from the current 25,000. Many companies are planning to develop KPO segment due to this. The impact of quality manpower and work helps India to receive this much of work. According to a report, for every one job created for a foreign language professional, two new jobs will be created for Indian English-speaking professionals.

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